"If no one is accusing you of being too legalistic, then you probably aren't living a holy life. If no one is accusing you of being a bleeding heart, then you probably arne't loving enough. If no one is accusing you of being too dogmatic, then you probably aren't standing for the truth. If no one is accusing you or criticizing you, then you probably aren't doing anything significant."

Friday, October 14, 2011

Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Syrup

When I was a little girl I would spend two weeks out of my summer with my grandmother. She was the only person I knew at the time that I had captured her entire world. She in short-was definitely my hero for all of my childhood. As much as I knew my parents loved me, no one could replace her or even try to step up to what she meant to me.
The other day Liam had vanilla ice cream and chocoloate syrup for the first time. As I squirted the syrup out of the bottle I was instantly brought back to those summer days when my Grandma and I would have this every night before bed. (How is it that you can pull that off as a kid but now? not a chance.)
Later in the week we went to the store and there was a certain smell that brought me back to the times with my grandmother, it was almost as if I was there with her.
How is it that someone can have that lasting of an impact on someone? Because she knew me, inside and out! She was there for me-over and over again, and very simply put-she just loved me. She didn't have to prove her love to me she just did and I knew and that was enough to this day.
I hope that I can have that kind of impact on those I come in contact with in my life. I hope I can just love and not try to prove anything, not try to fix anything, not try to make people someone who they aren't.
Really all I need to know is if they like vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup.

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