"If no one is accusing you of being too legalistic, then you probably aren't living a holy life. If no one is accusing you of being a bleeding heart, then you probably arne't loving enough. If no one is accusing you of being too dogmatic, then you probably aren't standing for the truth. If no one is accusing you or criticizing you, then you probably aren't doing anything significant."

Friday, September 30, 2011

Why Bubbles, Papers, and Trains?

So I don't know if anyone will find my simple little page on this great big internet thing but at least if someone does maybe I can be an encouragement out and I can feel like my little rantings can impact someone besides my brain.
I started this because I wanted to do something constructive at night....you don't really care. What you are really asking is, Why is your page called, bubbles, papers, and trains? Well I will tell you. Each and everyday in my little world, my Natalie gets excited about having a bubble bath, and Rebekah grabs the newspaper and has an ink mustache by the ending of swallowing the last part of the sports section (that means the Malone Telegram IS good for something folks) with a great big smile on her face. And on a consistent basis I am stretching my mad brain skills on how to build Liam a train track from one room to the next and finding a path that will get me from one part of the house to the other without tripping over the million trains that have to drive on the track but have tipped over numerous times.
So in few words, my life is full of bubbles, papers, and trains!

Are you thinking, seriously could this person have ANYTHING useful to say? Any useful links, any ways to save money? Earn money? Teach me some amazing talent that I never thought of? Anything? The answer is probably no. I am simply journaling online and apparently that really catches on so I thought I'd give it a try. Give me a chance I'm just figuring this out, I'll get pictures on the sight, be cool like the other bloggers, and who knows maybe my little ramblings will give you some encouragement.