"If no one is accusing you of being too legalistic, then you probably aren't living a holy life. If no one is accusing you of being a bleeding heart, then you probably arne't loving enough. If no one is accusing you of being too dogmatic, then you probably aren't standing for the truth. If no one is accusing you or criticizing you, then you probably aren't doing anything significant."

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pearl Earrings for Christmas

So this Christmas, I got pearl earrings. Big deal right? Not to you maybe but to me it was an absolute symbolic meaning for the love Jesus has for us. On one side of our family for Christmas all of the girls in the family received pearl earrings, (not real ones but earrings, something pretty) except for me. Usually I would not be bothered by this as pearl earrings have never been something I've treasured but something pretty would have been nice to receive. I received a blanket. Great as I am always cold but blanket-earrings you do the balance. When this Christmas was over I must admit I was a little hurt because I felt denied something special, more than the earrings, I felt denied love.
We went to another family's for Christmas a week later, no one knowing of my disappointment. After all of our gifts had been opened, we had played with them for a while it was time to clean up. We picked paper after paper up (we had been blessed) and just as I was ready to throw the last bag away in the bottom was a tiny red box. It was to me so I opened it and you can guess what they were...pearl earrings. It could have been anything else, the person that got them for me had no idea the symbolism of this situation but it was pearl earrings.
As I opened them I cried I realized that the only one that I need to know loves me is Jesus. This may sound absolutely ridiculous to some but for me it was probably one of the best moments of my year, Jesus showed me that he loved me in those earrings. The gift could have been anything, I could have opened them in the chaos of everything else being opened, but it was a moment for me to reflect that even when we feel abandoned and in last place, we can be reassured that Jesus has pearl earrings for us. For me, this was something I usually read about but in this case, it was a special present for me and I am so thankful.

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